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Chinese Caligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy and Shiwan Ceramic Arts Lesson

教授 兒童畫、素描、書法、石灣陶藝、國畫
We teach children's art, pencil sketching, chinese calligraphy, Shiwan ceramic arts and Chinese painting.

上課地點:7155 Victoria Dr Vancouver BC

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Shiwan ceramic figures have been well known around the world for a long time. Among shiwan ceramic creations there are also vases, pots and bowls and other ceramics.

The simplicity, earthy and natural characteristics of Shiwan ceramics arts defines itself as a style of its own, making it a regional art of Guangdong. Shiwan Ceramics began when divergent views. Archaeological unearthed kilns dated to the Han and Tang dynasties. The arts flourished in the Song and Yuan dynasties. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Shiwan products had been exported overseas.

Common motifs of Shiwan ceramic figures arts include animals, birds and human. Most motifs are based on legend, operas, novels, myths and tales. Creations are often heroic and historical. At the beginning, creations were for decoration of temples and shrine roof. It then developed to artistical decorations, display and even high end fancy stationaries supplies. The charactisteristic of Shiwan ceramic art lies with the richness of its glaze and the colours it employed.

At our center, we personalize your learning experience. You will start from simple technique and progress to higher technique. Skills include building and glazing. Lessons are suitable for children age 6 and up who enjoys ceramic art.